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A recipe is a list of instructions that shows how to prepare or make something such as a food dish.

Modern-day recipes are usually made up of several parts:

1. The name of the food being made

2. How much time it will take to make the food

3. The ingredients needed along with how much of it will be needed

4. The equipment needed

5. A list of steps that need to be followed in order to make the food

6. The number of people that the recipe will be able to feed

Recipe is the method that will implement in cooking food, it is the simple meaning in terms of cooking.

everybody wants to make delicious food, so recipe is the medium to make food as per your instructions and guidelines and by using recipe.

Selection of any recipe is depends on you, select any recipe but it depends on availability of  ingredients in your kitchen.

So this site will help you to make a good indian food  and it's ensure that the ingredients are available in your kitchen.

It contains good recipe and a simple method  to make food easily.

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